[Review] Whiteout chalk

Hi Guys

New day, new review. And this time we will speak about CHALK.  And more particularly about a small new German brand called Whiteout

I have to be completely  honest. Why did i bought something from this brand the first time ? …… Because of the packaging and the design of the website…. Ok it’s not really scientific but i love that.

I tested 2 products (in reality 3 but 2 of them are almost the same). So we have a liquid chalk and a « normal chalk ». I bought this chalk in 2 different formats , a bag of chunky chalk and a bloc of chalk. The chalk inside is exactly the same.




The chalk is very nice, I like the texture. It’s definitely not a bad chalk as some first prices chalk you can find on internet. But i didn’t notice any particular differences with my previous chalk.
Note that they have a premium chalk called « white chalk plus » supposed to be better .  I didn’t try it so i can’t tel you. Hope to try it one day !

Ok now let’s speak about the liquid chalk. I really tried that product and this time I really noticed a difference with other liquid chalks.



It comes in a 200ml tube. That’s huge ! For 12e it’s a very good price. Maybe it’s even too big. You have to carry this big tube. Maybe a 100ml or 150ml option could be a good idea .

The chalk is super liquid. And to me it’s his advantage but also is inconvenient. Why is that ?

Let’s start with the dark side. As the chalk is very liquid it’s really hard to put the right quantity. I usually put  a lot of liquid . Maybe the tube could have a smaller hole.  Because personally I don’t want the chalk to be less liquid. That’s the main advantage compare to other chalk. (haha that’s a nice transition isn’t it ? )

When you manage to put the right amount, this chalk is just amazing. It will go in every asperity of your skin.  Your hands will be perfectly dried. I usually re-chalk approximately every 45min (2-3 times per session), when I climb a lot. I use it as a base layer. And then I put some normal chalk. But a very little amount. I guess it’s more by habit than a real need.

For the small story, last time I washed my hand after my session, very quickly but usually it’s enough to remove all the chalk. And with this one I still had chalk in all the appetites of my hands when they dried .

To sum up. A very nice liquid chalk !

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