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Today I’d like to do a small review , it’s actually more a feedback , on a new product I recently tried.
This product is  the 500mg Extra Strength Hemp Oil  from healedplus.

Before starting here are some informations given by Healedplus about CBD. We start to see those 3 letters everywhere , but we don’t really know what it means and what is behind this acronym.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the 421 chemical compounds found in the plant cannabis sativa. CBD is one of the 80 terpeno-phenol compounds named phytocannabinoids that have not been detected in any other plant. (Article 3) This is why cannabis is being so widely researched and its legality is being disputed all across the world. It is normal to be weary of cannabis, as most of the time it is associated with marijuana. Marijuana is primarily composed of Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is a psychoactive chemical compound and causes a state of euphoria. However, marijuana is only one of the 779 known strains of cannabis in the world. Every strain has different chemical properties. We can use corn as an example. There are 19,780 known strains of corn. Sweet corn is much different from corn that farmers feed their animals, and feed corn is much different from the corn that is in your tortilla. Each strain of corn has unique traits and characteristics that make it ideal for specific purposes. The same is true with cannabis. Industrial hemp, that is used to make cosmetics, supplements, clothing, protein powders and even milk is much different from marijuana. Industrial Hemp has extremely high amounts of CBD and almost no THC. Industrial hemp, in colonial times, used to be one of the United States main exports. Drafts of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper and Henry Ford used hemp plastic in his first cars. Unfortunately, hemp was grouped together with all of the other strains of cannabis, including THC, and ruled illegal throughout most parts of the world. In 2014 the United states passed a farm bill that, with provisions legalized hemp farming in the united states! Since then, CBD derived from Industrial Hemp has been legalized in all 50 states. It’s benefits and potential to heal are just starting to be explored.


Ok ! So now you know everything !  Since some time i have more difficulty to sleep and I was looking for something natural in order to sleep faster and also better.  Surfing on internet i found that CBD can be a good solution. So I was looking for this product and I found this one.



CBD is perfect for eliminating stress and anxiety and calming the mind as a result.A mind that is calmed is free of worry and stress. This is the key to being able to fall asleep.


I tried the 500mg Extra Strength Hemp Oil ,  because this concentration was the one recommended for my problem. After few days; i received my order , and first thing that strikes is the quality of the packaging. I didn’t buy the last iPhone , but it’s almost the same felling. Ok, we don’t really care about packaging, but it gives a first good impression. The box is very helpful to transport the bottle if you go for a trip. The bottle is well hermetic and the lid is solid , with a child protection (you can’t open it early or by mistake).



There is different ways to take it. You can either put it in your coffee , your the , in water … But i think and i found the best way to do is to put directly drops under your tongue.

The recommanded dose is 1 ml  , corresponding to 30 drops. You can do 30 serving with one bottle. The product is relatively  expensive  and I wanted to try by myself, so i started with 5 drops and i gradually increased the dose. Now i’m at 20 drops, 1h before going to bed. And i’m very surprised and happy to see that it works.  Just to be clear , i don’t fall asleep in 10sec while dressed in my sofa …. But it really help to relax and i fell more ready to go to bed. And then I have the felling that I walk up less during the night , and if this happen I sleep again very quickly.


As i said i mostly use it for sleeping. I’m also climbing in a very regular basis (4-5 times a week), but i didn’t see any major difference on recovery as we can often read on internet. But i also generally recover well, so i’t probably not significant. Nevertheless I have very bad pain in my knee when hiking. So i’m very impatient to try it during my next hike. If i can help to release that pain it would be amazing.

They now have released new products to extend they offer, including  gummies , body butter and freeze pain relief rub . I din’t try those product yet, so i can’t I’ve you any feedback. Maybe the last 2 can be a good alternative for my knee ache !

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