Gariz soft release button

The compactness provided by the mirrorless camera is one of their main quality. But this automatically reduces the grip. In my first try with the Fuji XT-10 I had the impression of holding a toy, unlike my 6D camera which is much bigger and which has a perfect grip to me. What disturbed me the most was the shutter between 2 setting knobs and lower than the shutter speed dial. As the trigger is not falling directly under my fingers it made the release quite unnatural. I allowed myself a few weeks to get to this new camera and get used to this reduced size. So after a few weeks I decided to test a small accessory called: soft release button. It is a small button that attaches to the trigger to increase its surface and increases its height. So it was the perfect accessory to me. There are many models, I opted for a soft release button of the brand GARIZ. I took the model called XA-SBA1, which is a screw model,It is screwed to theto trigger unlike many that only stick. The button comes inside a round box of the most beautiful effect. Many will say that it is useless. Basically this is true, but it already gives a first impression of the quality of the product and the application brought by the brand on its products.

Once screwed on thetrigger,the magic operates! The trigger is much more accessible and falls directly under its finger. I think there’s no need to write tons of them. The grip is therefore better and when the trigger the case is more stable which prevents to move at the time of the trigger. In one word I will say that I do not regret the purchase of this accessory, which may not be indispensable for everyone but that was for me. The product is of quality, and the fact that it is screwed prevents to lose it during its use or during the transport of the camera. The only downside I will have is the price of 52 euros including shipment. It is quite expensive, especially when you can find accessories of the same type for a few euros. But the quality is there!

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